The postcards currently available in the wine region regarding their theme and quality are not up to date. There is a silent community need, which would like to see changes in this area, too. A region which considers tourism of high importance to its functioning cannot afford to offer guests from all over the world images which in their style represent the wine region or the settlement in a way local people are reluctant to identify themselves with.

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Therefore in the frame of a photo contest we wish to involve those amateur and professional photographers who are interested in or committed to the wine region thereby form an emotional bond which should influence the theme and mood of the photographs. We will then choose six photographs in case of each settlement of the wine region. These rewarded and selected photographs will be printed on postcards. This photo contest will be held every year promoting the villages and towns of Tokaj-Hegyalja. To these settlements Tokaj Foundation offers the completed postcards to make changes in their visual representations.